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Need legal help? You have arrived at the correct location. Whether you’re a grandparent, parent, a kid, single, or married, Fair Family Law is able to assist.

Fair Family Law lawyers help with resolving disputes for parents who have teens with juvenile legal issues, individuals who need prenuptial and cohabitation agreements before marriage, kids seeking emancipation, and partners or ex spouses who need legal services.


Why Should You Pick Us?

We’re interested in solving your issues. Whatever you tell us in confidence will stay in confidence. Our highly-qualified lawyers have come from the best law schools and have worked on several family law cases. Their varied background and experiences gives them the edge they need to successfully present and argue your case.

We offer the best legal aid prices in the nation. When you see how our attorney’s fees are structured, you can be rest assured that it’s affordable for you.

Consult with us and find out how we can give you the best legal advice at cost-conscious prices.

Our offices are located conveniently located on Manchester Road, Bindera, NSW.

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The Best Legal Advice

After consultation by phone or in our office and after we’ve decided to take your case, we can give you a tailored way of solving your family’s law problems.

We commit ourselves wholly to our clients and we work just for families and individuals who have difficulties resolving legal issues.

Our company is continually working on successful and tactical cases from prenuptial agreements to support and guardianship strategies. We understand the way to have the law work for you with a specialist attorney heading any case we take. We listen to each minute detail of a case as every fact can be used to the full to help win any case. Having managed divorces involving kids, property allotment, complex company and common law marriages, we can address any family law problem you’ve got.

Consider It Managed

Whether your legal problem is an extended procedure or a fast question, the case can alter entirely. Our lawyers will make sure your strategy will work for you from day one of taking your case to the day it will be implemented. We will approach your case with a comprehensive plan in place and will listen to you personally.

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We understand from experience a plan on day one of the procedure might not be the very best strategy as your case advances. We’re always reviewing your case and computing the next measures and contemplating the next best strategy.

Talk to us! We’re prepared to listen and offer the best legal advice according to your circumstances.